Academic Appointments

Course Director

University of Ontario Institute of Technology

LGLS 1000U Foundations of Legal Studies (Fall 2018).

LGLS 2200U Legal Theory (Fall 2019, Fall 2018, Fall 2015, Fall 2014, Summer 2014, Fall 2013).

LGLS 2420U Canadian Human Rights Law (Winter 2018).

LGLS 2940U Legal Research Methods (Fall 2013).

LGLS 3200U Sociology of Law (Winter 2020).

LGLS 3220U Philosophy of Law (Winter 2016).

LGLS 3320U Race, Ethnicity & the Law (Winter 2018).

LGLS 3300U Disability & the Law (Winter 2020, Winter 2017, Winter 2016, Winter 2015, Winter 2014, Fall 2012).

LGLS 4000U Advanced Topics in Legal Studies (Fall 2016).

LGLS 4030U Law & the Body (Winter 2017).

LGLS 4040U Law & the Environment (Fall 2017).

LGLS 4099U Legal Studies Integrating Projects (Fall 2016, Fall 2015, Fall 2014).

LGLS 4200U Law & Social Change (Fall 2019, Fall 2017).

SSCI 1010U Introduction to Canadian Legal System (Winter 2014).

SSCI 2940U Qualitative & Case Study Research Methods (Winter 2014).

HLSC 3501U Health Law (Winter 2013).


Teaching Assistant

York University

HLST 1010 Foundations of Health Studies I with director Dr. Dennis Raphael (Fall 2010, Fall 2008).

HLST 1011 Foundations of Health Studies II with course director Nicole Tenn-Lyn (Winter 2011) & Dr. Joel Lexchin (Winter 2009).

HLST 4010 Health Care Ethics: Policy and Management Perspective with course director Dr. nancy viva davis halifax (Winter 2012).

ENVS 1900 Uncovering the Body: Interdisciplinary Perspectives with course director Dr. nancy viva davis halifax (2013-2014).

SOSC 1210 Human Rights in a Socio-Legal Context with course director Dr. Kerry Taylor (2011-2012).


University of Windsor

PHIL 34-110 Introduction to Western Philosophy with course director Dr. Robert Pinto (Winter 2005).

PHIL 34-130 Reasoning Skills with course director Dr. Hans Hansen (Fall 2004).

LLC 11-162 Introduction to Roman Civilization with course director Dr. Patricia Fagan (Winter 2004).