Linkoping University: Research School of Interdisciplinary Gender Studies, 2013.

Doctoral Course: Out of Order: Disability, Danger and Desire (Declined)

York University: PhD in Critical Disability Studies, 2007-2013.

Dissertation: Autonomy Equality, and Respect for Difference: Investigating Principle-Based Approaches to Technologically Mediated Reproductive Contexts. Supervisor Dr. Nancy Viva Davis Halifax, advisors Dr. Roxanne Mykitiuk, & Dr. Barbara Katz Rothman. Defense Apr. 2013.

Comprehensive Examinations (3): Critical Theory and Disability, Disability and Bioethics, & Disability, Law, and Perception. Supervisors Dr. Marcia Rioux, Dr. Adrienne Asch, & Dr. Geoffrey Reaume. Defense Oct. 2010.

University of Guelph: MA in Philosophy, graduated with Honours, 2005-2007

Thesis: The Point at which the Canadian Same-Sex Marriage Policy Should be beyond Deliberation. Supervisor Dr. Karen Wendling, advisor Dr. Karen Houle. Defense Jun. 2007.

University of Windsor: Combined BA[H] in Philosophy and Classical Civilizations, graduated with Great Distinction, 2001-2005.

Directed Reading Major Paper: Women of the Julio-Claudian Dynasty: An Investigation into their Involvement in Politics and History ‒ Supervisor Dr. Max Nelson. Submitted Apr. 2005.

MEI International Academy: OAC Classical Civilizations, 2005.

Conducted in Italy.